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The Genographic Project - Timeline for DNA Analysis
This page was first created on February 18, 2006; last update: 7 March 2009.

More background on the Genographic Project

The Genographic Project, a landmark study for your more distant ancestors

New DNA studies show that all humans descend from an African ancestorwho lived around 60,000 years ago. By analyzing your DNA you can uncover the paths that led from him and her to yourself.

The ultimate family history as preserved in your own genes

Reverse timeline of the DNA analysis

March 7, 2009: more exact matches identified

Number of matches on display: 109

12 Marker exact matches map12 Marker exact matches map

January 27, 2006: Quality control & Results uploading

When the results are ready, Project Director Dr. Spencer Wells will introduce you to your earliest human relatives—the members of your specific haplogroup.
You'll receive a personalized genetic analysis, including an online overview of your deep ancestral history. The analysis reveals where and when your haplogroup originated and how they lived.
You'll also receive a dynamic map, specific to your lineage, on which to trace your relatives' journeys across the planet.

January 19, 2006: DNA analysis finished

January 13, 2006: DNA Isolation confirmed

January 6, 2006: Arrival of the samples is confirmed. Confirmation is found on the grenographic website after logging in with the personal Genographic Project ID Number

December 27, 2005:
• After reviewing the multimedia DVD and reading the manual, the DNA swabs are used
• The samples properly sealed in the test tubes

The exploration continues here in the Genographic Project Web site where you can track your test kit, step by step, through the various stages of DNA sequencing and processing. Along the way, multimedia presentations explain how scientists actually decode the information found in the molecules of your DNA.Confidential

The use of the Confidential Genographic Project ID Number (GPID) guarantees absolute anonimity

December 16, 2005: the kit arrives by UPS delivery (not allowed extra charges were refunded after complaining)

The kit includes the following elements:
• Buccal swab kit
• Multimedia DVD
• Exclusive National Geographic Genographic Map
• "Quick Start" card
• Genographic Project Brochure
• Self-addressed envelope
• Confidential Genographic Project ID Number (GPID)
The purchase price also includes the cost of the testing and analysis.

Once you have purchased your own Genographic Project Public Participation Kit, you can begin the exploration into your deep ancestry.
The first step involves a painless cheek swab to acquire a DNA sample.
Once you have completed the cheek swabbing process, you will secure the swabs inside the transport tubes and mail the tubes off to the lab using the supplied envelope.
It's that simple, and guaranteed anonymous.

December 14, 2005: the shipment of the participation kit is confirmed

December 4, 2005: the kit is ordered on the genographic website using credit card payment. An e-mail confirms the order

The Search for 30 to 60,000 Years of Ancestors

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